Virtual Sessions

Work with me from the comfort of your own home for general well-being,

chronic pain, low back pain and sciatica. 

"Totally recommended! From Canada to Switzerland, it was like a home visit.

Absolutely brilliant." Claire Bland

Virtual sessions are personal and adapted to your needs, whether it’s just to move you through a tension-relieving physical practice, or to pacify the mental or emotional stress that you are carrying. This is a time when yoga therapy can bring remedial support right into your home and provide you ways to stay grounded, present and

pro-active with your self-care. Sessions can be recorded for your continued use at home. 

If you have sciatica and/or back pain 1-on-1 private instruction is the best way to address this condition. The causes vary and the solution can be complex or straight forward; it depends on a number of factors but it can improve and in many circumstances, with some lifestyle changes and the right exercises my clients have completely healed the condition.

 What Happens When You Book a Class?

  • I'll send you an intake form for you to fill out and send back to me. This will give me more information about your condition so that I can fully support you.