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Yoga Therapy

Audio Practices - Monthly Plan

Most of the audio recordings in the Monthly Plan are revised audio recordings of virtual classes Joanne taught online to groups of individuals. During these classes Joanne can see all the participants as they practice and can therefore adapt the instructions and exercises to the needs of the individuals in the group. This makes the experience and the exercises more relevant and more effective for everyone and to anyone listening to the recordings. 


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Short  Calming & Relaxation  Practices    |    Instructional Videos   |   When You Walk Alot   |   When You Sit Alot  Inner Core  |   The Psoas  |   Joint Releasing Series for Arthritis    |     Yoga for Sore Bodies - 8 Week Series  Restorative Series for Stress & Relaxation   |   Hips, Low Back & Posture 9 Week Series    |   Improve Digestive Health with Twists   |   Release the Ribs for Easier Breathing