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The Essential Low Back Program (ELBP) - Online

This is an ideal program for you if you are:

  • stiff and sore

  • you want to improve your flexibility and strength with a gradual approach

  • you want to learn some gentle stretches to maintain mobility and flexibility

  • your back pain comes and goes

  • you want to learn how to continue to care for your body after the program is over

  • you want to improve your posture and feel better

  • you want to learn how to care for your body

  • you want to follow a specific and proven protocol to improve your health. 


More information about The Essential Low Back Program


Please note that this program is for NON-SPECIFIC LOW BACK PAIN - not attributable to a recognizable, known specific pathology (eg, infection, tumour, osteoporosis, lumbar spine fracture, structural deformity, inflammatory disorder,radicular syndrome, or cauda equina syndrome). Many participants with these conditions have none-the-less taken the program and some have found it very helpful.

For sciatica (radicular pain - tingling, numbness, referral pain) please consider private and individualized  instruction with Joanne. 

Joanne is certified to teach The Essential Low Back Program.  She is one of a handful of yoga therapists in Canada to have taken the training with the author of the program Robin Rothenberg. If you can't find a teacher near your home, take the program in your home online with Joanne. Joanne will guide you through the exercises via skype or zoom.

program start date online

Investment: $90/class + Materials  (digital download or hardcopy)

You have up to 3 months to complete the 6 week program.


Private 1-on-1 classes by appointment. 

Contact or call 705-888-9686

Or click the button below to book your own time. 

"These classes exceeded my expectations. Exercises were great, felt looser, less pain when I left each time. Lots of options to practice, teacher patient, knowledgeable, helpful. Lots of take home practical exercises. I'm motivated to continue taking this type of yoga." Howard (Yoga Therapy for Sciatic Pain)

Please note that I teach  Yoga as a complementary system of health, not an alternative one. It supports and works in conjunction with your normal medical treatments, and I ask that you continue your personal health routine as suggested by your doctor or medical professional.

For more information contact Joanne by phone: 705-888-9686 or fill out the form below:

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