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5 Day Yoga Sadhana Feedback:

he environment was non-judgemental and safe for all levels of capability. It was a good setting for learning; I was on auto-pilot before and the class awakened a new awareness of my body....Great experience, would take the classes again. My body thanks me for it; " Karen O'Connell, 60

"I s
urprised myself at how much I needed this. Biggest takeaway: To practice embodiment and how the mind and body are so very much connected. A really good reminder to live in awareness. Enjoyed the time to reflect and share with others." Debra, Retired 65

"It was an ideal time for me. I have been alone this week and jumped at the opportunity to have this experience. It was such an awakening and I had time for pause and reflection. I enjoyed the silence, fellowship and being more in tune with my body and mind....a beautiful time." 
2022 Sadhana
"Joanne, thank you so much. This is the first time in a really long time that I have been free of neck pain!" Vicky
"My 2 year experience with Joanne’s Therapy Yoga has been very positive for me during my pre and post operative knee surgery. With Joanne’s guidance using her yoga techniques daily, I have gained full use of my knee motion. I would highly recommend her classes." Derris Uhrig
"LOVE Joanne's restorative yoga class!!! I've been enjoying her gentle and very effective yoga classes for over a year now ... low back pain is gone ... I find walking and breathing easier and have way more energy ! THANK YOU Joanne !" Marlene Pratt
"As a new student to yoga, I started taking Joanne's Gentle Yoga classes this year and have found them to be extremely beneficial. They have helped me both mentally and physically. I would recommend them for anyone seeking a gentle start to learning yoga." Maureen Hussey

"That (class) was great. I have never put the pelvic floor awareness together so much with breathing and diaphragm movement. I have often wondered how to stay centred in some of the table position movements where you lift your legs. I always seem to be uncentred. This was eye opening. Thank you." Maureen Mundan, Class Online

Susan Lake

"Hi Joanne,

     I'm sorry I could not make it to any of the extra classes you've been having this season, although tempting.  I joined the Meaford Curling Club and have been out 3 nights a week doing that!

     Honestly 3 years ago I never would have thought it possible that I would be able to participate in the activities I am currently enjoying in my life.  Taking your classes regularly during that time kept me on track and the improvements I saw week to week and month to month were so encouraging. 

     I will never be able to express my full gratitude to you for the care and skill you shared with me that allowed me to heal my body and mind. Simply, all I can is a very heartfelt "Thank you!".  Susan

"I have really enjoyed your classes and have found a real improvement in my body awareness, posture and flexibility in a relatively short time." Rebecca Wall
Rebecca Wall
Deb Mobbs
" I had two knees replaced in 2010 and one knee never felt normal after that. I tried physio after the operation and it made the knee the way the doctors wanted to see it but my range of motion was limited and I was in pain after walking. My body just didn't feel natural to me. Joanne taught me how to stretch in a way I hadn't before, and forced me to relax. Yoga brought my body back together again." Deb Mobbs, On the Bay Magazine, Winter 2012
"Joanne, I enjoyed the seminar very much. I have had a look at the "Stop Sciatic pain" manual you have put together and would like to purchase it for my office." Christine Harrison, Optimum Chiropractic
"I wish to thank you for sharing your knowledge and information on back pain. It was very informative and I have been using your instructed stretches with great success. It's nice to know relief can be obtained!" Leslie Davis
Jane Phair
      "I had been treated for Sciatica for almost eight months (physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, medications);  all without much improvement.  My physiotherapist asked me if I had heard of Yoga Therapy and suggested that I consider it. 
      At this point in time, I was desperate to try everything and anything and so I met Joanne.  I started at Inner Journey by taking her session that was especially formatted to improve spinal health/sciatica and within two weeks, I started to feel significant improvement.   
     The exercises were explained fully and Joanne was a big motivator for me.  I actually enjoyed practicing the stretches at home and if I had a question, she would explain it to me- again.  I liked the classes so much that I continue to attend her other classes.  She has a gentle touch and demeanor and is a very patient woman.   
     My only regret is that I did not find her sooner!  Thank you Joanne."  Jane Phair

     "Your classes pretty much changed how I deal with my back. I do your exercises almost every day (5-7 days week). I’ve learned my limitations - stacking wood is still not a great activity to do - or lifting super heavy things isn’t an option either - but other than that - I’m back to normal and active. 

      I have not had any issues like that disc problem.   I have only “tweaked” my back ONCE since your classes (my fault, I went to grab something really heavy out at an arm’s length), and it was fine a day later.   Previously - i would have a back spasm at least 2-3 times a year (each time a multi day issue), and various other “tweaks” throughout the year that would take a long time to recover.

     I have also not been back to the chiropractor, or needed Robax.   So. all in all - pretty awesome : )

     Thank you so much!Keep doing the great work that you do : ) " Jessie Hirt, Private classes for sciatica

Jessie Hirt Review
Hi Joanne, One of the worst side effects of my shoulder surgery has been the negative effect on my ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep. That means I wake up many times during the night.
     Just wanted you to know that being able to use yoga breathing to calm my mind (often turning‎ it off completely) so I can fall back to sleep has made all the difference in being able to get the rest essential to a fast recovery from the operation.
     I also suspect that my recovery seems to be going faster because all that yoga sretching/aligning and strengthening got my shoulder in better shape before the operation.
     Plus, there is no doubt in my mind that learning through yoga to isolate and relax specific parts of my body has made it much easier to do (and benefit from) the rehabilitation exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist.
Thank you for stressing it in all our sessions." Bob Hann (weekly classes)

"I have taken many yoga classes and never really had the specifics of each move explained and demonstrated. I have a better understanding of body systems and details." Marsha Wipp

"Extremely helpful exercises for lower back and posture. I appreciated the individual attention. Appreciated the handouts, they were most helpful." Colleen Forrest

"I gained knowledge of specific movements for my lower back, good detailed techniques." Jane Dickie

"I have info now on how to stretch properly and stretches tailored specifically for different body parts."

"Lots of correction for my posture. Learned how to slow down to increase work and strength. The length of the class is perfect. I think lots of people would benefit from learning the "basics" before attempting more advanced classes. Joanne, come to Owen Sound as often as possible." Judy

"Good morning Joanne, Just a note to tell you that last Wednesday’s yoga class did amazing things for me. When I left your home and walked to my car I actually walked without my usual limp. Yay!!  So far this week I am walking so much better. The class obviously loosened up my hip muscles enough that I am able to walk much better. May we have a repeat class next Wednesday please? Thank you so much." MaryLiz Coleman, 85 

" Hi Joanne, Sorry for the late notice, but I won’t be able to attend the last class tomorrow :(.  I didn’t realize that my pelvic Physio appointment is at the same time (I’ve been waiting for over a month for this appointment).  I’ve really enjoyed the classes and have learned so much! Your material has tied so nicely with what I’ve learned from Shannon and has helped me so much! " Thanks again!" Danielle (Remedial Yoga, Owen Sound)

sandra soucie

"I have really enjoyed your classes and noticed significant progress with my lower back, hips and SI joint.  My running is also progressing.  You are a wonderful teacher.  Your classes really focused on some problem issues. It was more than just yoga, it was yoga physiotherapy. I would love to take more of your classes." Sandra Soucie, Owen Sound (Yoga Therapy for Sciatica)

"Oh, how lucky Thornbury is to have you Joanne. I took yoga with you at the Falstaff Family Centre many years ago (14?) and tried to find you again this week, hoping to get back into it. To my dismay, you are no longer here. Just wanted to say you are by far THE best yoga instructor I have ever encountered. Boo hoo hoo that you are too far away for me now. Wishing you all the best in both your  business and personal life." Diane Sewell

"I just wanted to thank you for providing Penny and I with the excellent course on working with the lower back. I really enjoyed your company and you made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Thank you for opening your heart, home and studio to us.
       You did a fabulous job of presenting a lot of material over a very short period of time. I hope we didn't wear you out with all our questions.

       I feel confident that with the use of the program material provided that I can adapt my teaching to incorporate the practice methods I have learned. It will help to enhance my approach to help others facilitate healing through Yoga.
      Please keep me in mind for any future workshops! "Laura Burnettt, RYT

“I  find that a huge benefit after a yoga session with Joanne is a good night’s sleep. I am normally a restless sleeper at best. Such is not the case after yoga. I wake up refreshed and ready to go in a calm state each and every time. I cannot say enough good things about practicing yoga with Joanne.” Bill Hutchison (weekly classes)

"Thanks so much for inquiring about my feet!  With your help and exercises, my left foot is about 85% better!  I also wear the Birkenstock orthotics in my shoes.Thanks again for your care and instruction Joanne." Susan (private classes)

"Great experience & learning process. Joanne was a gentle, firm & supportive teacher. Improvements noticed and I will go on working on all the elements that will improve my back and strengthen my core." Cheryl Forshaw, 72 (Low Back Program)

"I really enjoyed your yoga sessions. They really did help my back and hip pain. Although it has not gone completely away, it is certainly improved. I really appreciated receiving the audio files each week too. I have picked a few exercises from each session and try and do them several times a week." Judy (Yoga Therapy for Sciatic Pain)

"I learned all about small muscles and how important they are for strengthening. Also, modifications like blanket under the head or knees bent while in prone postition to protect lower back. More than met my expectations. Gave me physiological information and modifications for my body type that I have not been given before (been doing yoga for over 10 years). I really liked getting the exercises on mp3 audio files. I was able to follow them more easily that way and was more likely to do them." Carrie (Yoga Therapy for Sciatic Pain)

"These classes exceeded my expectations. Exercises were great, felt looser, less pain when I left each time. Lots of options to practice, teacher patient, knowledgeable, helpful. Lots of take home practical exercises. I'm motivated to continue taking this type of yoga." Howard (Yoga Therapy for Sciatic Pain)

"Most valuable thing learned were the exercises and an understanding of the inter-connectedness of muscle groups and how they each affect and support each other. The content will be a useful resource for my health and will expand my practice. You were very adaptable and available to us. " Neil, Student in a Yoga Teacher Training

"Yoga was the last stop in a long series of SI joint pain solutions.  Over 30 years I had worked in stressful situations, commuted hours to work and stood on my feet eight hours a day, every day. I had learned to compensate for the pain through improper posture which works in the short term but causes more problems in the long term.  I had broad areas of pain through my back and legs.  In only a few weeks with Joanne's instruction I was stronger through the legs and core column.  This additional support took some of the pressure off of the joint and eventually isolated the pain to only one area.  As I continue the practices I feel stronger and stronger. Joanne's support and advice includes posture correction, nutritional advice and mental devices to help alleviate stress. My thanks." Nancy Lance (One on One Classes)​

"Thank you for your enlightening sessions."

"I have really enjoyed your classes and noticed significant progress with my lower back, hips and SI joint.  My running is also progressing. Your classes really focused on some problem issues. It was more than just yoga, it was yoga physiotherapy. You are a wonderful teacher. I would love to take more of your classes." Sandra Soucie, Owen Sound (Yoga Therapy for Sciatic Pain)  

"I do feel that I have benefitted from your instructions generally because it's very easy to start compensating more and more for any pain, anywhere. And as a result of the exercises, I am keeping my body shape and movements more fluid ( I think. ). " Remedial Yoga for Sciatic Pain

"I certainly enjoyed your helpful lessons and the timbre of your voice and pace of the directions really felt good.

Also the fact that you felt easy enough with us to move whatever parts were not doing as they should was helpful."

"The class met and surpassed my expectations - I was not prepared to be able to move that much more easily so quickly. ( And I have let Christina Richa  Devi know how pleased I am with her recommendation...). I have been pretty successful at practicing regularly at home and the audio instructions are very helpful there. Loved the Stick figures!!   :-)  Thanks, again, Joanne", Sally

"I am just finishing Joanne's Relax the Body, Quiet the Mind sessions. She is a knowledgeable, approachable teacher who clearly loves helping others. The audio files she shared will continue to help those of us who shared in her classes." Sheila Lynne Smith, Nov. 4, 2017 Quiet the Mind & Relax the Body

"The guidance you gave us was wonderful. Most valuable thing learned was how to breathe properly, that the mind should not control us and separating emotions from thoughts and how to quiet the chatter in my head. Program exceeded my expectations in that I wasn't sure what to exprect. I will be able to practice these exercises forever!" Lani, Quiet the Mind & Relax the Body

"The classes reminded me of the role of breathing in keeping us mindful. My insomnia has lessened. I liked the balance of activities and the chance for lots of input and feedback where appropriate." Sheila Balls, Quiet the Mind & Relax the Body

"Most valuable things learned: that we control our minds, breathng exercies, how our breathng affects our nervous system. I loved how relaxed I felt afer attedning. Thank you! Thank you! The sessions went by very quick :)."  Shelley Rentner :) Quiet the Mind & Re

Sandra soucie review

"I am just finishing Joanne's Relax the Body, Quiet the Mind sessions. She is a knowledgeable, approachable teacher who clearly loves helping others. The audio files she shared will continue to help those of us who shared in her classes." Sheila Lynne Smith, Nov. 4, 2017

Hi Joanne, I am so glad that you joined us - your contribution was awesome and deeply appreciated. Very supportive to grounding in the body.Your teaching style is engaging and gentle - with slight adjustments to people that ultimately help to support their bodies...with gratitude, Shari (MDPAC, Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada, annual weekend retreat with Dr. Shari Geller, Ph.D., C. Psych, Geneva Park, Orillia)

"Excellent 1-on-1 instruction/guidance - personalized to my needs. I learned the importance/impact of relaxing and releasing tension, about whole body-mind integration in feeling better and that I can be stronger physically and improve my daily functioning and the pain went away." Irma (The Essential Low Back Program)

​"It was very easy to understand each session and it has been helpful in developing relaxation techniques. I would like a follow-up course. " Anna Tomlinson, 54 (Quiet the Mind Relax the Body)

"Hi  Joanne, the last six weeks with your constant help have been fabulous , one thing I kept forgetting to mention to you is how my sleeping has improved, I  have been a poor sleeper for years, now I at least get about five good  hours. It makes such a difference. Thank you again for all your patience and help." Chris Ellinger, 76 Low Back Program

​“I find that a huge benefit after a yoga session with Joanne is a good night’s sleep. I am normally a restless sleeper at best. Such is not the case after yoga. I wake up refreshed and ready to go in a calm state each and every time. I cannot say enough good things about practicing yoga with Joanne.” Bill Hutchison Regular Gentle Yoga Classes

"I wish to thank you for sharing  your knowledge and  information on sciatic pain. It was very informative and I have been using  your instructed stretches with great  success.  It's nice to know relief can be obtained!" Leslie Davis


"Your seminar helped me. I was having sciatic pain all down my right leg. During the class it started to abate & 24 hours later I am still pain free.  Thanks", Nancy  Ardiel


"Joanne, I enjoyed the seminar very much. I have had a look at  the "Stop Sciatic Pain" book you have put together and would like to purchase it for my office." Christine Harrison, Optimum Chiropractic


"Hi  Joanne- The manual is very useful and informative.Some of the exercises/poses I am already doing as part of my physio for my sciatica. Would you mind if I give a copy of it to my  physio to see which of the exercises she thinks I should integrate into my program? " Regards, Leslie White

Dear Joanne, Your yoga class has been very important to me during my 3+ year stay in Stratford. It has at times felt like a refuge from the cold as it has always been a warm and accepting place to be.  I have learned alot and will miss Yoga very much. Best of wishes to you Joanne, and thank you...Margot. (weekly yoga classes)

Joanne - there are no words to describe how grateful I am for having known you and for all that you have given during these past, most difficult months. You are such a special person with a true gift of healing. Thank you very much. With deep affection, Frances. (weekly yoga classes)

​"Extremely enlightening program: the relaxation techniques, the results of breathing exercises, being able to sit and stand so much taller automatically after the practice session." S.McGowen, 59 (The Essential Low Back Program)​

​"The teacher is very knowledgeable, especially if you have a specific issue and have to modify the practice...I feel much lighter and it has become an important part of my day. I've tried other yoga practices, found this program to be different and for me more beneficial and easier to keep practicng on a daily basis." Diane Ellah, 67 (The Essential Low Back Program)

"After the exercises the rest period was more rewarding than I thought possible...overall I got more out of the program than I expected and everything is set up to progress and learn. I also have a better sense of things that will help my well-being.Although I did not attend all classes I got a lot out of them. I plan to incorporate into my daily routine.Thanks for your leadership. Very enjoyable." C.C. 75 (The Essential Low Back Pr