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The resources below are compiled by me, Joanne Pineau.
If you require personal 1-on-1 guidance and support for a body condition please contact me at
This artwork is incredible! It's a great visual of the muscles (rhomboids and traps) that retract your shoulder blades. Shoulder roll, anyone?
How Yoga & Physiotherapy work together. A TEDx talk.
Is it really a disease?No it is not.
Muscles of the Hips LINK

Types of Disc Herniations. A great resource for understanding the anatomy of back pain:


All about Sciatica. Please note that there are differing professional opinions regarding surgery and success rate.

Meditation simplified. Listen to the podcast.

Why it feels good to stretch. The video uses cadavers so if you are sensitive to that, only listen don't watch, the video. 

Flat feet, fallen arches and bunions changes your gait which can eventually cause back and hip pain. Try the exercises in this video and contact me for more information on how you can heal and strengthen your feet and legs, including plantar fasciiatis.

Listen to the author of the program protocol used in the NIH study that successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy in the treatment of low back pain.

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MYTHS ABOUT BACK PAIN - Dr. Stuart is a professor of spine biomechanics. Watch this video:

PDF with three exercises for pelvic symmetry.

Dr. Stuart McGill answers the question: What is the best exercise for your back?

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