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Yoga for Sore Bodies
A gentle and gradual way to improve your overall health and mobility. Become more self-aware and mindful of your body and how it moves. 
Suitable for beginners and over 50.

"The class met and surpassed my expectations - I was not prepared to be able to move that much more easily so quickly." (Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders Series)

Sally / Retired   

"I am so grateful to Joanne for all that she has done to help me get my body back. As an active tennis player of 3 decades, I was devastated by an injury that prevented me from playing tennis again, in fact, at one very painful point, I could hardly walk. Joanne's careful and patient nurturing and advice in her "Yoga for Sore Bodies" classes, along with her thoughtful routines, really have made it possible for me to live a full and active life now (sans tennis, but as the Stones put it, you can't always get what you want but sometimes...) Thank you, Joanne, I am so thankful for your expertise!.." Paula Hope

Paula Hope 

Hi and welcome to Yoga for Sore Bodies.

I'm Joanne Pineau an experienced and Certified International Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT). My Yoga Therapy Studio is in my home in Thornbury Ontario. I see individuals 1-on-1 and run specialty programs to small groups at different times and locations throughout the year. I also teach a weekly yoga class in Clarksburg at the beautiful and spacious parish hall of St. Georges Anglican Church and online by appointment.  

Private Sessions