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 Programs & Services

I run weekly group classes on Fridays 10:00-11:30am at the St. Georges Anglican Church, Parish Hall, Clarksburg. Classes are ongoing. 

The specialty programs listed below are offered at different times and locations throughout the year.
Some of these programs include postural strength and body mechanics when sitting, walking, lifting and bending to reduce pain and restore functional

You can also take a program or series of classes online or in person 1-on-1 by appointment in my home studio in Thornbury.  

 For private classes one-on-one 
or for more information contact or call 705 -888-9686. 

The Essential Low Back Program 

End back pain once and for all.

This program offers clinically proven relief and is based on two studies funded through the NIH with results published in two medical journals - a complete re-building and resiliency program that provides valuable instructions on yoga poses to alleviate back pain and prevent its recurrence.


Program includes an illustrated manual and compact disc so you can practice at home between classes. 

This program is also helpful for bulging/herniated discs. Not recommended for facet joint issues.

cropped low back.jpg
Upper back

Group classes are offered at different times throughout the year or privately by appointment.

Ideal class to calm the nervous system, release body tension and quiet the mind. 

Especially helpful to de-stress and for recovery and fibromyalgia. All body positions are supported with bolsters and blankets. Offered in my home yoga studio in Thornbury. 

Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders & Posture Improvement 
Improve your posture, increase mobility and flexibility in the neck, upper back  & shoulders, improve Kyphosis (rounded upper back), improve posture and more:
  • Reduce nerve pain, numbness, referral pain, tingling
  • To release neck and shoulder tension
  • Help with arthritis and old injuries in the neck and shoulders
  • Help with carpal tunnel 
  • How to move without causing more stress in the neck and shoulders
  • To build strength in the upper body and neck
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Part lecture/discussion with guided sitting practice (in chairs) and gentle yoga stretches and movement. 

Learn ways to reduce/eliminate anxiety and pain, change the relationship you have with the voice in your head​. Learn practices that you can apply in your daily life to elevate your mood and reduce body tension.


Includes audio recordings for home practice.  

Sample audio recordings for these classes.

Two Hours of Bliss -
Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Yoga Nidra
Quiet the Mind & Relax the Body
Lance's Quiet the mindIMAG1399_edited_ed
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