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The Connected Yoga Teachers Podcast for Yoga TeachersJoanne Pineau on Sciatica

80% of the population will experience back pain at one time in their life. How many come to your yoga classes? Do you know what to do if someone complains of a "bad back" or sciatic pain?

Wouldn't it be great if you could turn to them and say "I can help you with that."?

Certain postures in a yoga class can aggravate back conditions and in fact, they can even create one. On the other hand, yoga with an informed approach can also accelerate recovery.

Learning outcomes

Meet Joanne

Listen to full podcast on Youtube. Interview focuses primarily on my experience & training leading up to specializing in low back pain & sciatica. There's a few tips for teachers. 
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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes for the 2-day intensive:

Day 1
How to strengthen the inner core using the diaphragmatic breath.

•An understanding of basic spinal anatomy.

•How the shape of the spine has evolved in the last century and its impact on spinal health.

•Postural alignment in everyday life: sitting, bending and lifting. How to integrate this into a yoga class.

•How to modify the cobra pose (Bhujangasana) to strengthen and heal.

•Learn a new approach to forward bends & why we need to re-consider how we teach forward bends.

•An understanding of how to sequence a back care yoga class.

•The role of the pelvis and leg muscles in spinal health and learn key postures.

Day 2

•An experiential understanding of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) and its role in rehabilitation

•Sciatic Pain 101 – anatomy basics.

•How to work with students who have sciatic pain; the dos and don’ts. A practical application that works.

•Learn and practice the three key postures for spinal health according Dr. Stuart McGill.

•Other symptoms and causes of low back pain and suggested postures

Beth & I recorded this video last year.

This year I expanded the training to a 2-day intensive. 

for YT - details


"Joanne provided great modifications & anatomy research." Audra Coburn, RMT, YTT200

"I find back pain is often what brings students to class. We need to know safe offerings for them. Learned some more gentle movements that will meet them where they are with their back issues." Betty Welsh, CYT

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